Time to Act, Time to Change

What we are about

We strive to provide delegates a modern system to debate, communicate, and problem solve on interesting and thought provoking topics. We seek to provide students with the necessary tools to navigate an ever-changing world. By expanding upon their critical thinking skills through team-building and cooperation, delegates from far and wide are able to learn from the successes and mistakes of our past, apply their knowledge to the present, and make strides in building a better future.



General Assembly

  • Topic A: Biosecurity and Natural Pandemics.
  • Topic B: Peaceful use of outer space.
  • Background Paper

Asamblea General

  • Topic A: Bioseguriad y pandemias naturales.
  • Topic B: Uso pacífico del espacio exterior.
  • Background Paper

Security Council

  • Topic A: Non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
  • Topic B: Preventing and responding to a pandemic.
  • Background Paper

Consejo de Seguridad

  • Topic A: No proliferación de armas de destrucción masiva.
  • Topic B: Prevención y respuesta a posibles pandemias.
  • Background Paper

UN Economic & Social Council

  • Topic A: Lack of economic opportunities and unemployment.
  • Topic B: Addressing the social and economic consequences of corruption.
  • Background Paper

World Health Organization

  • Topic A: Management of possible natural induced pandemics.
  • Topic B: Lack of human immunization in developed nations.
  • Background Paper

UN Education, Scientific &
Cultural Organization

  • Topic A: Positively shaping the development of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Topic B: Prevention of violence in educational centers.
  • Background Paper

UN Children's Fund

  • Topic A: Integrating isolated, impoverished or orphaned adolescents into soceity, public systems and education.
  • Topic B: The availability of clean drinking water in Sub Saharan Africa through the introduction of the necessary infrastructure.
  • Background Paper

UN Human Rights Council

  • Topic A: Protecting victims of human trafficking in conflict and post-conflict situations.
  • Topic B: Preventing and countering violent extremism and radicalism globally
  • Background Paper

UN High Commissioner
for Refugees

  • Topic A: Gender-based violence against Nigerian refugees.
  • Topic B: Discussing the Syrian refugee crisis.
  • Background Paper


16:20–16:50 Registration Multipurpose Room
16:50–17:20 Inauguration Multipurpose Room
17:25–18:40 First Session Committee Rooms
18:40–19:00 Break Main Hallway
19:00–20:15 Second Session Committee Rooms
09:15–10:30 Third Session Committee Rooms
10:30–10:45 Break Main Hallway
10:45–12:00 Game Show CVPA Theater
12:00–12:15 Break Main Hallway
12:15–13:30 Fourth Session Committee Rooms
13:30–14:30 Lunch Outside Cafeteria
14:30–15:45 Fifth Session Committee Rooms
15:45–16:00 Break Main Hallway
16:00–17:17 Sixth Session Committee Rooms
17:15–17:30 Break Main Hallway
17:30–18:45 Seventh Session Committee Rooms
18:45–20:00 ??? ???
09:30–10:45 Eighth Session Committee Rooms
10:45–11:00 Break Main Hallway
11:00–12:15 Ninth Session Committee Rooms
12:15–12:30 Break Main Hallway
12:30–13:50 Tenth Session Committee Rooms
13:50–14:20 Closing Ceremony Multipurpose Room


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